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Isaac or better known as Mr perfectionist. Isaac is an extremely hard worker who takes great pride in his trade. He demonstrates how providing excellent customer service has a lasting effect on customer relationships and retention. Focusing on individuals needs with intent, ensuring quality experiences.


Jed is the newest member of our team, but has been working within the Chaplins group for over 5 years, so is very experienced. Jed is a polite young man that goes above and beyond putting the customers needs at the heart of his service. Jeds versatile skillset enables him to excel in all fields of barbering.


Muzy is a character to say the least. Charming his customers with his warming personality. Muzy has an impressive of 10 years experience and has even cut the hair of the Leicester city football team. He is a very competent barber specialising in fading and he excels at styling and cutting Afro Caribbean hair.


Jovan our Junior barber is the youngest member of the team. Polite and well mannered Jovan has great potential and an exciting future ahead of him. He has achieved his level 3 qualification at the barbering school of Leicester, and is taking additional courses with Menspire, to aid his progression. His passion and determination for barbering is exceptional and will ensure that he achieves any goal he puts his mind too.


Duggie aka Glee Connoisseur aka The KFC destroyer… is the latest addiction to the Chaplins team, joining us in 2022.. he has achieved his level 3 barbering qualification at the Leicester barbering academy and is now putting his skills to work with the guidance of his pier senior barbers.


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